Urgent Care Do Stitches

Does Urgent Care Do Stitches?

Does Urgent Care Do Stitches? While not always expected, accidents and injuries happen every day. It’s common for people to administer first-aid, apply bandages, and care for minor wounds at home. However, large cuts and deep lacerations require additional medical attention beyond what can be provided at home.

Urgent Care

When to Go to Urgent Care?

When to Go to Urgent Care? Sadly, knowing when to go to urgent care for medical care or treatment is not innate knowledge. Many people are unsure of whether they should head to the nearest emergency room or the closest urgent care in California when they develop minor injuries or experience mild or persistent symptoms…

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What Is Urgent Care?

What Is Urgent Care? Urgent Care is a practical alternative for unexpected medical concerns that need immediate attention when you can’t be seen by your primary care provider (or currently don’t have one). There are some things that just couldn’t or shouldn’t wait. It is comforting to know that you could see a provider on…